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Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy is known to be effective on the following symptoms:

- Cancer   -Rheumatoid  Arthritis   - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Neuralgia  - Asthma  - Neck Pain  - Low Back Problems  -Sciatica

- Stiff Shoulder   -Joint and Muscle Problems  - Athletic Injuries

-Menstrual Pain, Cramp, and other menstrual trouble



If you have pain and not satisfied with your doctor, chiropractor and/ or physical therapist, please try a safe yet very effective  “Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy”.


  Master Shin has a special ability to withdraw universal energy called “Ki(Chi, or Qi)”.  He applies that energy to the damaged area to heal. In the Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy session, you will remain fully clothed, and your session will involve a simple questionnaire, Shiatsu (finger pressure to locate the pain and problems), and applying the Ki(Chi)-Energy with a little to no contact with your body.







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The first time I encountered genuine ”Ki(Chi)-Energy” was more than 30 years ago when I was a senior in college playing baseball at Nihon University. Most of my colleagues went to play either in a Japanese professional or company sponsored baseball team following graduation. But I was different; I wanted to become the first Japanese Major League Baseball player in USA like Ichiro Suzuki of Seattle Mariners or Hideki Matsui of New York Yankees today. However, when I was practicing during the winter, I severely strained my shoulder while pitching.   The pain was so severe that I could not throw the ball anymore. I visited many medical professionals including medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, acupuncture, shiatsu therapist, etc.

Despite of all the professional help I sought, my condition did not improve at all.   Then, my high school coach introduced me to a Ki(Chi)-Energy healer. At the time, I did not know anything about Ki(Chi)-Energy or Chi-Gong. I was very skeptical because it was weird and unscientific, but I was so desperate to get better, I decided to just go for it. The healer touched my shoulder once in a while and asked me some questions.   He did not do much at all.  After 30 minutes, he said “you will be able to throw a ball within a couple of days”. Of course I did not believe it, however, after two days I had no pain in my shoulder and was able to throw!!   Since then I became a true believer of this unbelievable “Ki(Chi)-Energy” power.

Although I attempted to become the first Japanese major league infielder by trying out for the Los Angeles Dodgers, I was not able to make it to the final cut. Instead of going home to Japan, I decided to stay and changed my course to study about the interesting world of universal energy in relation to our physical and mental behavior in Ithaca College, NY. In my graduate school masters thesis, I did research on “Ki” and wrote on “the Effect of Ki-Ai in Force Production”. At that time my research sought a lot of attention because it was never done before. Since my thesis, “The effects of Ki-Ai” has been studied in many universities around America.

After receiving a Masters Degree, I became a school teacher and later became a director of New York and New Jersey YMCAs. During my career in the YMCA, I was appointed as an instructor-trainer of “Y’s Way to Healthy Backs”, which was developed by President John F. Kennedy’s family Doctor, Dr. Claus. As an instructor, I went to Japan and trained over 200 medical professionals and provided them certifications.

During these trainings, a very famous orthopedic surgeon Japan participated in my class. Since I had a strong doubt on the effect of surgery on the spine, I asked him about “true success ratio of lumbago operation”. He told me from his anecdotal experience that it was about 50-60% success rate. Success rate of 50-60% means almost no success at all after so much pain, suffering, and high expenses to get better. This was more than 30 years ago and even today, the success rate has not changed much.

Later in my life, I was involved in a car accident and suffered from whiplash and back pain. Before the accident, I jogged 3 to 5 miles every morning but after the accident, I couldn’t even walk more than 100 yards! I went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but my condition did not improve at all. After 8 months, a neurosurgeon came to a conclusion that surgery was the only cure. From my experience, I knew there were other alternatives such as Ki(Chi)-Energy. Since I did not know any good and reliable Ki(Chi)-Energy healers in the U.S. at the time, I decided to go to Japan.

At this time, I tried if I, myself, can fix myself with my own Ki(Chi)-Energy. Although I wasn’t able to recover from it on my own completely, I noticed that my pain level went down dramatically!! This is when I noticed I was able to withdraw this energy. I had my back completely cured by a famous Ki(Chi)-Energy healer. But realizing my potential, I started to study and train mentally and physically hard to become a healer.

Once I overcame my problem, I started to heal others utilizing the Ki(Chi)-Energy. I was not so effective at the beginning; however, the more I tried the more energy I was able to withdraw. The more energy I was able to withdraw, the more effective I became to heal others. Today, many people who have pain and suffering come to me for help.












  There are three basic energies existed in this world, physical, life, and spiritual. The physical energies are light, sound, heat, gravity, and others which we can feel and experience easily in our daily lives. The life energy is the energy which plants and animals both have in order to sustain their lives. The plant receives light from the sun, take carbon dioxide, receive nutrients from soil and utilize all to do photo synthesis, and the end results is producing organic foods. Animals eat such organic foods as well as eating animals which eat organic foods. And, the spiritual energy is the high level of energy which plants and other animals do not have, but it is given only to human beings by God.

  All animals behavior is based totally on their instinct. Besides instinct, human beings have additional abilities such as thinking, emotion, soul, and mind. All of these abilities are part of “Spiritual Energy”. Maintaining three energies in balance are important to sustain our health and fitness, and how high can we bring up the level of spiritual energy determines how quickly we can recover from injuries and illness.

  Except direct physical force to our body to make us injured, the level of spiritual energy, which can be called Ki(Chi)-Energy, is the key factor to prevent illness and sustain health. Thus, lowering the level of Ki(Chi)-Energy has the direct impact on the lowering our immune system. The result is to increase susceptibility to illness and/or to injuries. Therefore, the occurrence of illness and/or injuries has a direct relationship with the level of Ki(Chi)-Energy in our body. This is why we say that the sickness comes from your lowered spirit (Ki, Chi or Qi). Once the balance of one or more of three energies is broken, we are either get injured or sick.

  The spiritual energy can be broken down to two categories, conscious and subconscious conditions. In the lifted state of spiritual energy in the conscious conditions, you can feel “ I feel like having high energy, high motivation, high persevere level”. “I do not know why but I have a lot of energy”. We all have these feelings once in a while under the conscious conditions. Conversely, in the decreased state of spiritual energy in the conscious condition, we can also feel “weak energy, loss of motivation, lower tolerance level” etc.

  It tends to be thought that these conscious conditions occupy most of our daily conducts and phenomenon. However, it is not true. Within the spiritual energy, the percentage of conscious condition is believed to be only 10 to 15 % of total. And the remaining 85 to 90% belongs to senseless, unrealized conditions called subconscious condition. Due to unspecified yet true existence, Ki(Chi)-Energy belongs to within the subconscious ness level of spiritual energy.

  There are countless conscious activities we do daily including study and work. And the science and medicine is existed as a part of its extension. The science and medicine have progressed dramatically in the 20th century and contributed greatly in today’s society. As a result, we become so much relying on science and medicine. And we only accept things and phenomenon if it is scientifically and/or medically proven even though there are many unproven things and phenomenon occurred in this world.

  The world of Ki(Chi)-Energy does not belong to the narrow world of science and medicine which is only 15% of total phenomenon. It belongs to the rest of the world which is 85% of the total phenomenon. Therefore, things impossible to understand scientifically and/or medically in the narrow 15 % world can become quite possible in the rest of 85% world that belongs to Spiritual, Ki(Chi)-Energy world.

  We, humans, have some Ki(Chi)-Energy within ourselves. But it is difficult and often dangerous to use it since the amount of Ki(Chi)-Energy we have is small and limited. If you have some experiences in the field of Chinese Ki(Chi)-Energy treatment called Chi-Gong or Qi-Gong. you may have seen that Chi-Gong masters get very tired after the healing session. This is because he/she utilize his/her own energy to heal a patient. The result is shortening of his/her own life. Most Chinese Chii-Gong masters die in younger age. Our own Ki(Chi)-Energy is limited, however, there are unlimited Ki(Chi)-Energy existed in this universe, and if we use it efficiently and effectively, we may be able to concur any type of illness and injuries.

  When the balance of energy is broken by some reason and become ill or injured, Master Shin withdraws Ki(Chi)-Energy not from his body but from the universe and apply it to the problem areas for healing.

  In recent years, because of too many unsolved uncured sickness and diseases in the field of Western medicine have been found, many conscious medical doctors have started to pay attention to out side of their own field. Those fields are called as alternative medicine, complementary medicine, or integrative medicine. Within these fields, acupuncture, massage therapy, herb therapy are now included. The acupuncture was not accepted in USA until 10-15 years ago because it was not scientifically and medically proven its effectiveness. However, though it is still not proven, it is widely accepted and utilized in USA because its effectiveness.

  Unfortunately, Master Shin’s Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy is not yet recognized widely nor proven its effectiveness scientifically and medically. However, this will be recognized and accepted as the best alternative to Western Medicine in near future not only in USA, but also in the world because this is the most amazingly safe and effective therapy method to heal one’s problems.

 There are 3 types of therapy Sessions Available from Master Shin.

A)   Direct Therapy— Master Shin meets with you and provides the Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy directly on you. (The therapy is provided with full cloths on)
  After gathering necessary information and make an assessment of you, he uses Shiatsu (finger pressure) technique to locate the pain and the problem.   And both, Master Shin’s and your brains recognize the location and the degree of the problem, he, then, withdraws Ki(Chi)-Energy from universe and applies it to the problem area.
  In most cases, the pain will dissipate quickly.  However, depending on the depth and the complication of the problems such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others, it may take more time and potentially more sessions to get good results.
B)   Distance Therapy - If you live far away and can not meet Master Shin, this therapy method is for you.
Since the Ki(Chi)-Energy is capable of traveling any distance, Master Shin can provide the therapy no matter where you live.
C)   Indirect Therapy — If you live far away and can not come and see Master Shin but still interested in reducing pain/problem and/or increasing immune system, this therapy method is for you. Master Shin is able to store the Ki(Chi)-Energy into almost any objects such as tapes, patches, water, shirts, stones, foods, etc.
Either the Ki(Chi)-Energy stored Kinesio-tapes or cooling-gel-sheets can be used to reduce pain and heal problems.
These tapes are also used to increase your immune system.
1) If you are an athlete and have pain due to strained muscles and/or joints, we recommend you to use the Kinesio-tape since this tape is designed to be used for physical activities.
2) If you are not an athlete and do not have to get involved in physical activity, we recommend you to use the cooling-gel-sheets.    Putting these sheets at the problem area over night reduces pain and problem.
3) If you use them in proper manner, your can improve your immune system —– This therapy method is especially beneficial for a person who has Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other hormone disorder problems( Please ask us for detail).
4) If you are suspected to have mercury and/or other heavy metals in your body, we strongly recommend you to utilize an additional indirect therapy to push them out of your system.
For consultation, fee, and/or appointment please call us (201) 447-7040 or write E-mail









The difference between Western and Eastern methods can be described as “parts vs. whole” 

In the Western Medicine; doctors are defined based on their specialties_– internal medicine, external medicine, heart Sargent, chiropractors, gynecologist, neurologist, psychologist, nose and throat, dermatologist, allergy specialist. Optometrist, the list goes on.    

When you have a problem and can not be solved by a general practice doctor, you are sent to a “specialist” doctor.  The specialist doctor will look at your problem areas independently, i.e., if you have pain in your stomach, the doctor treats your stomach only.  Their concept seems to be based on the belief that our bodies are consistent of different parts; therefore, taking care of parts independently should solve the problem. 

In the twentieth century, the advancement of Western medicine has helped many sickness and diseases.  However, western methods also has created many “incurable sickness and problems“

The concept of Eastern method, on the other hands, is different.  They look at our body as a whole instead of gather ness of parts.  They believe that everything existed in this world is connected to each other including our body parts.  Within our body, every parts of our body influence each other, therefore, treating not only the pain areas, but also other related area is crucial in order to treat its cause.  

Both concept have a pros and cons; however, it is quite clear that we, human beings, are different from machines and other animals.    We have a “mind” which other living animals or machines do not have.

Our mind controls almost everything in our lives consciously and unconsciously.

When we have stress, for an example, it affects stomach function as well as stability of sacrum, the base of our spine structure.   If the stress is not treated properly, it may lead to mal-function of stomach which leads to lower back problem. 






When we are hurt, we tend to believe that the location of our pain is where the problem is.  For example, when your knee hurts, it is natural to assume that the problem must be from the knee.  However, in many cases, the cause of the pain is often located somewhere else in the body.  This is called “referred pain”.
For example, it is true that if you hurt your knee through trauma, the most likely location of the pain and the problem will be at the knee. However, in cases when there is knee pain without trauma, most of the problem originates outside of the knee joint. It could be due to a hip muscle imbalance that can cause an increased tension on the knee plate (aka patella). Or it can be due to a misalignment on the spine that impinges on the nerve that associates with the structures of the knee (Fig 1-1). In this case, the knee pain is only a symptom, not the origin of the problem.
Fig 1-1. Knee pain due to Spinal Misalignment
Therefore, taking care of a symptom may decrease your pain level or temporarily fix the problem, but it will later come back again because it’s only a band-aid fix. Hence, it is our goal as Ki(Chi) Energy Therapists to find the cause of the problem and heal it.
Obviously, finding the cause of the problem and curing it is the goal for most practices. However, what make Ki-Energy unique are our natural healing treatments. Majority of conventional medicine to treat chronic conditions or any type of musculoskeletal injuries include medication, injections, or surgery. We do not use any of that. By using our senses in the therapist’s fingers and patient’s ability to sense abnormality and pain, we narrow down where the problem is. For further information about how the therapy works, please refer to “Therapy Session” link.



Have you experienced a condition where your pain such as knee pain go away because there was a new and more painful injury in a body part elsewhere? Like your back pain is so severe that you can barely notice your knee problems? This is due to how our brains sense pain in a hierarchical fashion. Our brains sense the most important abnormalities in your body first.

As we age, it is inevitable that we develop multiple problems in our body. Sometimes, we even forget that we had any problems in a certain part of the body. In a Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy session, it is very common for a patient to experience pain in a different location from their original pain after a treatment. As it was stated in “Pain and its cause” , the cause of the pain can come from another place in the body. In other words, once the pain is eliminated from their primary problem, some patients experience what we call “Stages of pain and symptoms” which is pain from a pre-existing problem. At times, this “stage of pain and symptoms” is utilized to find the cause of the problem.

Through this, Ki(Chi)-Energy tries to eliminate each abnormality in the body one by one and as a result healing the whole body as one.









   When we are sick or in pain, often time the power of drugs can help cure the problem.  Most people rely on drugs and its studies and results have shown its effectiveness.

However, we all know that any drugs have some kind of side effects.  When you read a direction or watch commercials they will always state” Side Effects may include….”  In other words, a drug good for a certain problem often creates other problems.    Also, if you take a drug continuously, its effectiveness declines because the body accommodates to the drug.   Therefore, in order to keep up its effect, you either take a stronger drug or increase the dosage.  Furthermore, you are not only increasing its effect, but also increasing the side effects as well.

This is where the vicious cycle of drug comes in place.   Once the side effect appears in your body, you take another drug to suppress it.  Then the drug you just took has a different side effect, you take another drug and so on and so forth.  This is why so many people need so many drugs every day.   And the number of drugs never decreases. 

If taking drugs solve our problem, people taking more drugs should be healthier than others.  However, that usually is not the case.  

Among many drugs, the most widely used and the least recognized its danger is “pain killers”.  Pain killers are drugs used to temporarily not feel its pain but not fixing it. It may feel good temporarily but can lead to larger problems. 

Feeling pain is a sign which our brain recognizes that something wrong is happening in our body.  By taking a pain killer, you feel like that all problems seem to be gone because you no longer have pain.  Reality is that the problem is still there but the brain no longer can recognizes it.   Unfortunately, if you do something under this condition, you often worsen you condition.  You then need more pain killer next time.  Then that vicious cycle begins again.

Since we are provided our own healing power, we should utilize it as much as possible instead of relying on drugs unless it is really necessary.  The more we utilize our own healing power, the stronger and healthier our body becomes.   Our healing power has absolutely no side effects and it is much stronger and effective than people think. 

   Withdrawing energy from universe together with your own healing power, Master Shin will lead your body to healthy stage in your life.











   Many researches indicate that heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum impair immune system function and thereby cause chronic viral, bacterial& fungal illnesses, ---unless treated properly, these illnesses often leading us to having so called incurable illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. 

   Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, a leading authority of combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine and the founder of O-Ring Test, has been raising his voice for many years that the concentration of heavy metals is the major cause of complicated illnesses.  

   Once a heavy metal concentration reaches to a certain level and when our immune level becomes low, the virus related micro-organism flourishes.  They hide themselves behind these heavy metals in the body.  And, somehow these organisms are able to use these toxic metals to protect themselves from the medicine.  This is the reason why medicines do not work effectively in many illnesses.

   In addition, if you have heavy metals inside of your body and being exposed to the electro-magnetic wave from microwave oven, TV, computer, cell phone, etc, chances of developing complicated illness become much greater.  

   If you use these appliances short period of time, the damage can be minimal.  However, if you use a computer a lot, for an example, soon or later the damage of electro-magnetic wave to your body occurs.  The damage somehow occurs not at the area where the concentration of heavy metals, but at your weak point such as liver if you are a long time heavy drinker, or lungs if you are a heavy smoker. Therefore, it is crucial to remove heavy metals out of your body. If you can remove them, a chance of regaining your health back becomes high.

Where these heavy metals come from?

  Mercury comes from some immunization shots, tooth filing called amalgam as well as many fishes.  Lead comes from exhaust fumes.  Aluminum comes from beer and soda cans as well as some cooking pans.

How to get rid of heavy metals.

  A vegetable called cilantro can do that job.  However, a raw cilantro is not easy for many people to eat since it has strong order and contains some toxin in it.  It also contains Vitamin C which hinders the main function of cilantro, pushing heavy metals out of our body.   Therefore, instead of raw cilantro, we use the KI-Energy Infused (KEI) cilantro concentrated tablets from Japan. These tablets contains all the benefits of cilantro and easy to eat like snack. If you suspect that you have heavy metals, we strongly recommend you to take the KEI-cilantro tablets.  

  If you have already developed the incurable illnesses, we recommend you to take the KEI-cilantro and KEI-sheets together.  While getting rid of heavy metals by taking the KEI-cilantro, the KEI-sheets increase your immune system to fight against the illness. It is obviously the best to receive Master Shin’s Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy directly. However, if you live far away, you still can receive it through the distance healing and/or the indirect therapy method.

  In addition, if you are taking a medicine provided by a physician, Master Shin can help you to maximize the effect of the medicine by guiding it to where it should be worked.

Please contact us for an appointment, ordering KEI products, and/or detailed information.   




















Q::: I do not live in Tri-state area. Can I still receive the therapy?
A::: Yes, you can! Even if you can’t come directly to Master Shin, we have Distance Healing as well as Indirect Ki-Energy Therapy.  Please refer to the
section "Master Shin's Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy" for more details.

Q::: What is the difference from REIKI?
A:::  Reiki and Ki(
Chi)- Energy Healing Therapy are both from Japan and they both utilize Ki (Chi) as their base of practice.  However, the difference comes with the strength of Ki as well as the treatment procedures.  Reiki is based on “touch” which is used for relaxation, stress reduction, and promote healing.  On the other hand, Master Shin’s  Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy utilizes many other techniques such as shiatsu massage to enhance the Ki(Chi)-Energy delivery to the individual.  The Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy techniques are used all to enhance the efficiency of Ki(Chi)-Energy delivery to the individual which makes the Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy more efficient and effective.  Refer to homepage for what illnesses and diseases Ki(Chi)-Energy is good for.

Q::: What is the difference from Chiropractic Therapy or Physical Therapy?
A::: The biggest difference is the concept.  Chiropractics and Physical Therapy both are professions that use external force to force the body back into shape.  Chiropractors crack backs to realign your backs, physical therapists utilizes exercises, stretching and manual therapy such as joint mobilizations to force your body back into what it was before. Master Shin’s Ki(
Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy does not do any of those.  We utilize Ki (Chi) in order to heal your body in a natural, less invasive way.  It is all about how to balance your body through energy.

Q::: Does Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy work for stress?
A::: If you have pain/symptoms that are induced by stress, such as headache, stiff neck or sour stomach, Master Shin can remove those problems.  Furthermore, there are specific techniques that will directly help with stress reduction. 
      You will feel much better and lighter after the session.

Q::: How should I store the products?
A::: The Ki
(Chi)-Energy Infused Products are very sensitive.  Please store them in room temperature in aluminum foil to avoid the exposure to electric magnetic wave.

Q::: How soon should I use the products?
A::: We recommend using within a month after you receive the products.

Q::: Are there any side effects?
A::: No. But if you have sensitive skin and find any abnormality on your skin, please remove the tape/sheet immediately.

Q::: How many tapes/sheets do I need?
A::: 1 tape/sheet for 1 problem
(if you have pain on your right knee, apply 1 tape there).
 If you have multiple problems, please contact us for consultation.



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