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Effects of Drugs


When we are sick or in pain, often time the power of drugs can help cure the problem.  Most people rely on drugs and its studies and results have shown its effectiveness.

However, we all know that any drugs have some kind of side effects.  When you read a direction or watch commercials they will always state” Side Effects may include….”  In other words, a drug good for a certain problem often creates other problems.    Also, if you take a drug continuously, its effectiveness declines because the body accommodates to the drug.   Therefore, in order to keep up its effect, you either take a stronger drug or increase the dosage.  Furthermore, you are not only increasing its effect, but also increasing the side effects as well.

This is where the vicious cycle of drug comes in place.   Once the side effect appears in your body, you take another drug to suppress it.  Then the drug you just took has a different side effect, you take another drug and so on and so forth.  This is why so many people need so many drugs every day.   And the number of drugs never decreases. 

If taking drugs solve our problem, people taking more drugs should be healthier than others.  However, that usually is not the case.  

Among many drugs, the most widely used and the least recognized its danger is “pain killers”.  Pain killers are drugs used to temporarily not feel its pain but not fixing it. It may feel good temporarily but can lead to larger problems. 

Feeling pain is a sign which our brain recognizes that something wrong is happening in our body.  By taking a pain killer, you feel like that all problems seem to be gone because you no longer have pain.  Reality is that the problem is still there but the brain no longer can recognizes it.   Unfortunately, if you do something under this condition, you often worsen you condition.  You then need more pain killer next time.  Then that vicious cycle begins again.

Since we are provided our own healing power, we should utilize it as much as possible instead of relying on drugs unless it is really necessary.  The more we utilize our own healing power, the stronger and healthier our body becomes.   Our healing power has absolutely no side effects and it is much stronger and effective than people think. 

   Withdrawing energy from universe together with your own healing power, Master Shin will lead your body to healthy stage in your life.