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FAQ ~Frequent Asked Questions~


Q::: I do not live in Tri-state area. Can I still receive the therapy? 
A::: Yes, you can! Even if you can’t come directly to Master Shin, we have Distance Healing as well as Indirect Ki-Energy Therapy.  Please refer to the section "Master Shin's Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy" for more details.

Q::: What is the difference from REIKI?

A:::  Reiki and Ki(Chi)- Energy Healing Therapy are both from Japan and they both utilize Ki (Chi) as their base of practice.  However, the difference comes with the strength of Ki as well as the treatment procedures.  Reiki is based on “touch” which is used for relaxation, stress reduction, and promote healing.  On the other hand, Master Shin’s  Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy utilizes many other techniques such as shiatsu massage to enhance the Ki(Chi)-Energy delivery to the individual.  The Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy techniques are used all to enhance the efficiency of Ki(Chi)-Energy delivery to the individual which makes the Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy more efficient and effective.  Refer to homepage for what illnesses and diseases Ki(Chi)-Energy is good for. 

Q::: What is the difference from Chiropractic Therapy or Physical Therapy?

A::: The biggest difference is the concept.  Chiropractics and Physical Therapy both are professions that use external force to force the body back into shape.  Chiropractors crack backs to realign your backs, physical therapists utilizes exercises, stretching and manual therapy such as joint mobilizations to force your body back into what it was before. Master Shin’s Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy does not do any of those.  We utilize Ki (Chi) in order to heal your body in a natural, less invasive way.  It is all about how to balance your body through energy.

Q::: Does Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy work for stress?

A::: If you have pain/symptoms that are induced by stress, such as headache, stiff neck or sour stomach, Master Shin can remove those problems.  Furthermore, there are specific techniques that will directly help with stress reduction.  
      You will feel much better and lighter after the session. 

Q::: How should I store the products?
A::: The Ki(Chi)-Energy Infused Products are very sensitive.  Please store them in room temperature in aluminum foil to avoid the exposure to electric magnetic wave.

Q::: How soon should I use the products?

A::: We recommend using within a month after you receive the products.

Q::: Are there any side effects?

A::: No. But if you have sensitive skin and find any abnormality on your skin, please remove the tape/sheet immediately.

Q::: How many tapes/sheets do I need?

A::: 1 tape/sheet for 1 problem (if you have pain on your right knee, apply 1 tape there).
       If you have multiple problems, please contact us for consultation.