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Stage of Pain / Problems


Have you experienced a condition where your pain such as knee pain go away because there was a new and more painful injury in a body part elsewhere? Like your back pain is so severe that you can barely notice your knee problems? This is due to how our brains sense pain in a hierarchical fashion. Our brains sense the most important abnormalities in your body first.

As we age, it is inevitable that we develop multiple problems in our body. Sometimes, we even forget that we had any problems in a certain part of the body. In a Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy session, it is very common for a patient to experience pain in a different location from their original pain after a treatment. As it was stated in “Pain and its cause” , the cause of the pain can come from another place in the body. In other words, once the pain is eliminated from their primary problem, some patients experience what we call “Stages of pain and symptoms” which is pain from a pre-existing problem. At times, this “stage of pain and symptoms” is utilized to find the cause of the problem.

Through this, Ki(Chi)-Energy tries to eliminate each abnormality in the body one by one and as a result healing the whole body as one.