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Testimonial Review from T.A. on Google  ---Breast Cancer
"I was recently diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer. Although I have practiced alternative healing modalities as an adult, I have never faced anything as serious as cancer. My first reaction, as you can imagine, was very emotional. Fortunately, I took a step back and began to research all options especially non conventional ones. In my research I found Master Shin's you tube videos and then his website. I immediately felt that he was sincere in his approach to help people. I set up an appointment at his NYC location. My first impression was one of a man very devoted to his craft/gift and he put me at ease with his knowledge. and experience. He provided at that visit Shiatsu body work and he also applied Ki energy. After this first session, I was energized, calm, and convinced that this was going to be part of my healing journey. Since then, after a few sessions, I have noticed that my lump is softer and seems to be less noticeable on the surface. That is a huge improvement!. Master Shin also demonstrates healing exercises on one of his many you tube videos, which I am practicing daily. There are cooling patches that I get from his website, these are infused with Ki energy from Master Shin . I found that applying them between sessions helps to stay connected with the healing energy. I will end by saying that I am grateful for Master Shin's knowledge of Ki' Energy and will recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you, Master Shin! T.A from CT

Testimonial email from O.O. on YouTube video (DIY-How to reverse Heart Disease Naturally)
I saw your techniques on YouTube and I practiced it. It worked for me because it has slowed down my heart rate from 107 bpm to 70 bpm. Thanks so much for the wonderful techniques."

Testimonial from Mr. Martin P. (Suffern, NY)---- Stage 4 Brain Cancer
I'm very grateful to have found Master Shin. His KI energy therapy is helping my mom overcome the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Before coming to Master Shin she was in a lot of pain & discomfort, I remember her complaining from the way she was feeling, she would get anxiety and have a very difficult time walking. The brain tumor in her head was causing speech problems and her right eye would consistently twitch everyday. After about 2-3 sessions we definitely saw a big improvement in her condition. She was able to walk a lot better, the anxiety went away, so did the twitching of her eye and the stuttering of her speech. The chemotherapy treatment she went through really took its toll on her body, but it seems that the Ki Energy therapy along with the Ki Energy patches and Cilantro tablets are helping correct her issues. She's still got a ways to go with her neuropathy but she has a lot of energy and hope which is a huge thing she was lacking prior to meeting Master Shin.

 I would definitely recommend Master Shins therapy for any type of issue, most people are skeptical at first but don't be afraid, take a leap of faith, you won't be disappointed."

Testimonial from Mr. Brook Zelcer (Old Tappan, NJ)---- Post-Abdominal Hernia Surgery

"Add another ailment to the growing list that the incredible Master Shin is able to treat successfully!

 I visited Master Shin seeking relief for severe pain I was experiencing post-abdominal hernia surgery. The procedure went "splendidly," according to my surgeon.  And the radiologist described the surgeon's work as "pristine" in a post-operative scan, but two months later I was still experiencing terrible pain due to tightness resulting from the placement of the hernia mesh.  At loose ends as to how to help me, the surgeon suggested I resort to painkillers to mask the pain.  My pain level was high, averaging a seven-out-of-ten level for those terrible sixty days following the surgery.


Here is a brief report of my progress.  The first time I visited Master Shin my pain level was at eight; that night it was down to a three.  The second time I visited Maser Shin my pain level was at six; that night it was down to a two.  The final time I visited Master Shin my pain level was still at two; the following day it was at zero.  The level has not risen above a two since my last treatment... and that was two weeks ago!  Indeed, as I write this today, my level of pain/discomfort is a zero, and I expect my progress to continue.


This remarkable healer uses Ki Energy to restore energy flow to afflicted areas throughout the body.  The process was painless and so the results felt like magic, but there was no magic about it.   Master Shin's efficacy as a healer is a result of his dedication to his craft, years of disciplined study, and an intuitive understanding of how the human body works.


Since I used a numerical scale to describe my progression out of pain, I'll end this testimonial with another number.  Ten- - the number that best describes my healing experience with the incredible Master Shin. "

Testimonial from Mr. B.A. (New York)---- Pain in the whole body
   "So happy to have found him. He is passionate about helping people and great at it. I've been suffering for quite some time now and didn't know why. My whole body was in pain. Can't wait for my next appointment and plan on being healthy and starting a family soon, God willing. I now see a pain free future near me"


Testimonial from Mr. A.D. 20 years old (New Jersey)----- Acute Low Back Pain
   "Unbelievable! Absolutely no reason to go to the doctor when you have Master Shin. He takes care of pain instantly and it stays gone. If you have any sort of pain, please go to Master Shin! No one beats him! I go there all the time and he always takes care of me and makes sure I am feeling better at the end."


Mr. K.N. 48 years old (Fort Lee, NJ)----- Brain Surgery and Damaged Pituitary Gland
   Two years after the first brain surgery, he developed another tumor. After the second surgery, he received 25 round of 360 degree radio therapy, which damaged his pituitary gland.

   According to the doctor, the hormonal treatment would cover the damage, but it did not at all. He got nausea, hot flash, loss of balance, etc. He lost his job. He came to me after visiting many western as well as alternative medicine doctors, Qigong, and Reiki masters. We met twice a week, and the Ki(Chi)-Energy infused patches were administered daily. After 2 weeks, we cut down hormonal intake by 25% and after 4 weeks, 75%. At the beginning, he thought he could never be able to live without hormone intake because the doctor told him that the pituitary gland damage was permanent.

   however, as the Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy progressed, he started to have more energy and felt better; he seemed to be convinced that it might be possible to get rid of all medicine in near future. And we did it after 2 months of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy. He no longer needs any hormones and medicines and could function normally the same way as other people. He got a new job.


Testimonial letter from Ms. A.R., 32 years old (Spain)-----No Menstrual Period
   It was amazing to find out how quickly and effectively your Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy works. I had no period for the last 5 months, and I started losing my hair.

   Instead of taking hormone treatments which many doctors suggested. I decided to take Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy from you in New York. I am so happy of my decision because only 2 weeks back from NY with only 1 session of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy, my period suddenly came back.

   I just cannot believe it. Thank you very much for your great therapy. I really recommend everybody to take this remarkably effective and safe alternative therapy.


Ms. G.L., 59 years old (New York, NY)----- Migraine Headaches for 50 years
   When she was 9 years old, she fell from the upper bank bed. Since then, she had had migraine headaches for the last 50 years. Though the severity of the headache was up and down, it never totally disappeared no matter what kind of treatments she received.

   After 30 minutes of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy, she got up and said "Can I hug you?". I did not understand what it meant. So I asked her back "Why?" She said, "This is the first time in 50 years, my migraine headache is totally gone and I felt so good. That is why".

   She gave me a big hug with smile and left my office.

   She called me this morning for another appointment. I asked her "How long did Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy work?" She said "It lasted exactly 32 days, until yesterday. So, I need another appointment ASAP."


Mr. M.H., 60 years old (Hackensack, NJ)----- Loss of Smell
   After a small surgery, he was prescribed a 14 day supply of antibiotics. However, after 14 days, he realized that he could not smell any drink or food. He totally lost the sense of smell.

   He called the doctor and asked what happened and how to rectify the problem. His reply was "Don't worry. It will be back." Unfortunately, his sense of smell did not come back at all. He had visited other medical doctors, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. But nobody could help him.

   After the first session of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy, he was able to smell his favorite drink, beer but nothing else. The function of the olfactory nerve was half way back. Before the second session, I tested him for lemon peel and soy sauce. Though eh could not smell soy sauce, he was able to smell both after the session. Now, his sense of smell is back to 100%.


Ms. T, P., 16 years old (Patterson, NJ)----- Migraine Headaches
   When she came to my office, she had had migraine headaches for 6 months. She was taking medications, and skipping school for many days due to the severe headaches. 
   After one session, her pain scale level went down from 7 to 1, and after the second session, which took place 4 days after, her pain scale went down to 0, and she went back to school.


Testimonial letter from Mr. A.P., 35 years old (Brooklyn, NY)
   I came to Master Shin with a liver pain. I am a personal fitness trainer and I could not even workout because of that pain! I don't to use medications because I know some of them may bring side effects. I was also interested to try that Ki(Qi)-Energy Therapy because I myself practiced Reiki and acupuncture and I believe those approaches work. I've only seen Master Shin three times and now I am pain free in my liver! I don't know how that works, but looks like the therapy worked on me. Master Shin's approach makes a lot of sense and I am sure many people can benefit from it even from the education side.
Thanks Master Shin for helping me to get rid of my pain!


Mr. Y. T., 64 years old (Tokyo, Japan)----- Esophagus Cancer/Brain Cancer
   He first had esophagus cancer which later metastasized to the brain. Though he got surgery and chemotherapy, nothing could stop the cancer spreading up. He lost 50lbs and given up by doctors. When I met him and his wife, it was clear in my eyes that he was losing a battle. I explained them what I could do to deal with his cancer. At the same time, I told them not to believe what doctors said. Because what the doctors said was their limitation not his limitation. Our bodies are much stronger and more capable of fighting diseases and sicknesses than what many medical professionals believe. I asked him if any other immediate concerns he wanted me to take care other than cancer. His request was (1)reducing pain in his head, (2) bringing back his heart to normal level, (3) stopping diarrhea.

   After completing the first Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy session, pain in his head became small, and after the second session, he wanted to walk with me to the railroad station (about 1 mile away). As soon as he started walking, he recognized the disappearance and completed the distance with no difficulties.  In addition to one hour of direct Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, Ki(Chi) infused patches and the method of withdrawing heavy meals were administered every day. As the therapy progressed, his energy level was also climbed. On the 5th day of the therapy, when I visited his house, I saw him cleaning in front of his house. "I got energy that is why I am doing this", according to him, i.e., clear sign of improvement. I provided a total of 8 therapy sessions in 10 days. Two days after I came back from Japan, I received an email from his wife. "CT scan was taken yesterday. It showed not only the growth of cancer was stopped, but also shrinkage of the tumor was observed. Thank you, thank you very very much"


Testimonial letter from Ms. M (New Jersey) ----Mother's Cancer
   My mother had undergone chemo to no avail, it only made her feel worse. She continued to feel bad even off the chemo. Constant nausea, pain, off balance when she walks, and could barely eat. She spoke to Master Shin and made an appointment to see him. He sat down with her and wanted to know exactly what her cancer treatment entailed. As he questioned her, I could see he was looking to see just how much of an assault her immune system had been under due to the harsh chemotherapy. He told her he needed to work on her stomach issues for one, so that she could eat in order to rebuild her immune system. As he started to work on her he touched her neck and told her the tightness in her neck was causing the stomach issues. I didn't understand how he made that connection but when he applied pressure to an area on her neck he did in fact cause nausea which proved to me there was a connection and that he was correct in saying the tension in her neck caused the nausea.

   That night was the first time in a LONG time that she ate a normal size meal and did not have any nausea after the meal! The bone pain that she has Master Shin worked on also. As he would touch her he would ask does that hurt. She would reply yes. He would then treat that area with Ki and then touch it again and ask if she still had pain and she would reply no. Kind of hard to believe I guess to anyone reading, but if you have pain and have the treatment there is no doubt in my mind you will see and feel results the first treatment. My mother's tumor was rock hard when she first saw Master Shin. He has been working on it and it has softened. Our ultimate goal is to have the tumor gone, but while we waits to see those results we are happy that her quality of life has dramatically improved. She had insomnia for YEARS and now she is sleeping through the night and only getting up once during the night to use the bathroom. That alone is a miracle. God is working through Master Shin. I read a published scientific study on Ki at Master Shin's office. Ki IS scientific - and if you read the study you will see that

   My hope is that the American Cancer Society will someday take some of the donations they receive and use it to fund alternative medicine, and Ki(Qi)-Energy Therapy would certainly be worth the American Cancer Society looking into. If you decide to go to Master Shin, you will meet a man who is very kind, loves God, and has a passion to help people get well. Please keep an open mind if you are suffering with pain and see him even if only one visit. That one visit will be proof because you will see and feel results even after the first visit. god bless you, Master Shin.


Testimonial letter from Mr. J.H., 42 (Utica, NY)----- Lower Back Problem
   Hello, Master Shin. I just want to say you have magical hands. You see I was in a bad car accident 5 years ago that left me in severe pain daily. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian! I suffered bruised ribs, tears in knees and 3 damaged discs. In fact the injury that bothers me the most today is my constant back pain. I've tried many modalities for relief and little if anything has helped me at all. Physical therapy, Chiropractic, Medication, Acupuncture, Traction, etc, etc... Nothing worked. I dreaded possible surgery someday. Well after doing some research I stumbled upon your website, thought it was very intriguing and decided to book an appointment. Boy was I glad. Your precise shiatsu and Ki(Chi)-Energy were very VERY strong and I felt immediate relief as the session progressed. It was if you gave me a Ki transfusion that channeled right to the damaged areas. Just true Positive healing energy. The very next day I noticed my back pain level was way down and I was much more functional. It felt as if foundation of my body was re-centered again and I felt more balanced. Now I'm not all the way healed. But I'm excited and hopeful that I'm on the right track. THANK YOU Master Shin!!!! And hope to see you again soon.

Sincerely yours, J.H.


Testimonial letter from Ms. Mitsuyo (New York, NY) 
   Great Healing Experience! I had been suffering from severe shoulder pain for the last two months and my right side shoulder had gotten frozen badly. When I moved my arm a bit, I experienced sharp pain striking around my right side shoulder and the situation got worsen day by day. Due to the pain, I could not go to work last Wednesday, and the pain prevented me from having good night sleep for a while, which had become the worst nightmare in my my life. I met with Master Shin during the last weekend, and I received his finger & Ki(Chi) treatment twice. It was a great healing experience. As he touched my body from shoulder, arm, neck to back with his fingers, he instantly knew which parts of my body were causing the pain. I had several aching spots. His fingers and hands have tremendous healing power, which I can hardly describe with words. His therapy gave me a great relief and I have recovered my sleep starting Saturday night. 
Thank you very much, Master Shin.


Testimonial letter from Mr. Rich Wells (New Jersey)
   I had scoliosis and suffered with pain around neck and lower back for almost twenty years. Though I had visited chiropractor and acupuncture, and also I had exercised several times a week, my condition became much worse when taking care of my baby and relocating my home at the same time. Then I visited Master Shin's workshop. He spent about 10 minutes giving me finger pressure treatment and Ki-Energy power. As soon as he started infusing Ki-Energy, I felt diminishing pain. And when the therapy was over, all pain I had was gone too.

   Besides eliminating pain and problems I had, he also taught me the way to maintain pain free lifestyle. Since I followed his direction, my physical and mental conditions have improved a lot. When I visited him again 6 months later, he provided me Ki-Energy and evaluation which indicated the improvement of my condition. One year later I still do not have any pain. Whether I am lucky or unlucky, I am not sure; however, as long as I have no pain, it is not necessary to see Master Shin. Thank you very much not only for your Ki-Energy power, but also guidance as to how to improve my life style without pain.


Testimonial letter from Mr. and Mrs Bollenbacher (New Jersey)
   I had been having pain in my wrist and hand for about 2 months. I had hurt them while shoveling snow and trying to clear ice off of the driveway during the winter. It especially hurt when I tried to pick up my 6 month old son or 2 year old daughter. It also hurt whenever I tried to grip something tightly. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan but when he came home on leave he suggested we go see Master Shin, a practitioner of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy. My husband had seen Master Shin after hurting forearm while playing basketball. Regular doctors prescribed painkillers and said it would take time to heal. Master Shin removed 90% of the pain on the first visit and my husband had recommended Master Shin to many people who were unhappy with conventional doctors and their methods.

   I was skeptical at first but since conventional doctors hadn't done anything to help my I didn't have anything to lose. I described to Master Shin where it hurt and the motions that caused me pain. After that Master Shin used Shiatsu to confirm where the pain was and what was causing it. Once he knew what was causing the problem Master Shin used Ki(Chi) Energy Therapy to address the problem. After the treatment Master Shin checked to see if the pain had decreased to make sure he was addressing the problem. Master Shin treated several different areas and by the end of the session my wrist and hand felt much better and a lot of pain had been removed. I would definitely recommend master Shin to my friends because sometimes regular doctors jut can't fix problems that people have. Sometimes they don't have the time or the patience.

Paul and Maria Bollenbacher
21 April 2010


Testimonial letter from Ms. N.R. (Los Angeles, CA)
   "I am truly blessed to have met Master Shin! I was going through a very low point in my life due to experiencing womanly pain that drastically threw my spirits down. I was going through major stress, and anxiety due to all this. After the first session with Master Shin I felt like a whole new woman and after the second session my pain was gone. I recommend anyone that has pain in any sort of way to see Master Shin for even the educated doctors won't know the root of the problem like he does. "


Mr. T.S., 54 years old (Waldwick, NJ)----- Leukemia
   He was diagnosed as having Leukemia and being hospitalized in the best hospital in New Jersey. When I first met him, his condition was really bad. I visited him 3-4 times week at the hospital providing full length of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy while receiving treatment from doctors including chemotherapy. 
   After almost two months of Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy, his condition improved very much. He finally got out of hospital and returned to work.


Mr. P.N., 52 years old (New York, NY)----- Shoulder Injury
   He injured his left shoulder and visited several MDs, Chiropractors, and acupuncturists. However, none of them could make improve his condition. Some doctors indicated that the only way to solve the problem was surgery, i.e., shoulder replacement.
   After the first diagnose and testing, the main cause of the problem, the rotator cuff muscles injuries, was found resulting from many years of Karate practice. Just providing the first Ki(Chi)-Energy Therapy, the condition improved quite a bit. And after a total of 6 sessions, he had no more pain and the range of motion came back fully.


Mr. G.J., 69 years old (New York)-----Stomach Cancer
   I was asked to visit a gentleman who was in the last stage of stomach cancer at Sloan Kettering Cancer in New York City. When I saw him, his abdomen and lower limbs were swelled like a balloon. Ki (Chi)-Energy was first provided to lungs, heart, and then stomach. The blocked lymph nodes were also opened.  In addition, the Ki(Chi)-Energy infused patches and water were administered. Next day, I received a text message from his daughter: "My father said he had the best sleep in a long time. He also had less pain. And he felt super strong. Thank you very much, Master Shin."


Ms. N.D., 23 years old (Paramus, New Jersey)----- Digestive Problem
   She had unsolvable digestive problems for the last six years. She could not only eat, but also throw up many foods including pizza which she used to love the most. She had visited many medical professionals but no help. Her mother strongly recommended her to come to my office.

   In the first two sessions, nothing had happened. But in the third session, I found the main cause of the problem. So, I said to her "You will be able to eat after next session.: She simply could not believe it.

   After the 4th session, I said to her "Now, you can eat a pizza and not have a problem. Why don't you eat it for dinner tonight."

   She did and and called me next day with so much joy "I can't believe it. I didn't have any problems eating pizza the first time in so many years. Thank you, thank you."


Ms. L.F., 73 years old (New Jersey)-----Breast Cancer
   She was a stage 4 cancer patient, having tumor on her right breast and neck. Her right arm was swelled more than 3 times of its normal size with a lot of pain. The Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy with the energy patches at night for increasing immune system was provided once everyday. After 4 days of the therapy, both tumors and the ballooned right arm started to shrink in size. After 6 days, the blood reading prior to the chemo at the hospital showed a significant improvement.


Mr. P.M., 55 years old (New Jersey)----- Prostate Cancer
   He came to my office for the right leg circulatory problem and prostate cancer. After a total of 12 Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy sessions, he had no more pain and symptoms. His leg problem was also gone. A few months after completing the therapy, MRI revealed no cancer.


Mr. J.F., 17 years old (New York)----- Shoulder Injury
   A high school baseball player, who strained his pitching arm, came to my office after receiving an athletic trainer's physical therapist's and acupuncturist's care. The problem in deltoid and subscapularis were detected as well as strained muscles and tendons at the elbow joint. After one session of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, 60-70% of problem and pain were gone. After 3 sessions, all pain was gone, and the range of motion was back to normal level.


Mr. K.Y., 14 years old (New York)----- Wrist Injury
   A hockey player injured right wrist. After two sessions of Ki (Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, the pain at the wrist was gone. The range of motion at the wrist joint was also returned to normal.


Ms. K.M., 13 years old (New Jersey)----- Hip Joint Injury
   She is a ballerina who practiced 4-5 days a week. She started having pain in her right hip joint a couple months ago. The pain was getting worse, but no medical professionals could provide her help. After only 30 minutes of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, all pain was gone. One month later, when her mother mentioned that she was enjoying practicing ballet without any pain at all.


Ms. C.D., 48 yeas old (New Jersey)----- Sciatica (Testimonial)
   ....I just want to thank Master Shin and Ki-Energy. I was really surprised that after you gave me Ki-Energy, the pain I had before was totally gone within a minute. I had sciatica problem for more than 2 years. Through I had visited many doctors, but nobody really helped me until I met Master Shin..... One year later, I still do not have any pain at all. I just can not believe it. Thank you Master Shin.

Mr. J.B., 53 years old (Cliffside Park, New Jersey)----- Hormone Disorder

   When he came to my office for help, his skin was red, thick and hard, and did not have much of sensation on his fingers and toes. He could not make a fist with his right hand. He had some kind of hormone disorder.

   He took an intensive Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy for 3 weeks with energy patches. As the therapy progressed, the reddish skin color diminished and the sensation of fingers and toes came back. After 3 weeks of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, his skin color became normal. fingers toes gained normal sensations, and he could make a fist with right hand. he is fully back to healthy stage of his life. 

Ms. D.A., 88 years old (Palisades Park, New Jersey)----- Loss of Energy
   She came to my office with her son's assistance. She has difficulty walking by herself. After first therapy, she felt so good and gained energy. Her walking became much faster than when she came in. She now comes once a week to receive Ki(Chi)-Energy.


Ms. L.P., 65 years old, (Sparta, New Jersey)----- Multi-Problems
   She had a stomach surgery and spine surgery and titanium on her beck. She had almost no sensation of her right leg. She could not walk one step without assistance. After two weeks of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, she not only felt better but her right leg got back 60-70% of sensation. She now can walk many steps by herself.


Ms. M.Y., 40 years old (New Jersey)----- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
   Left thumb could not be bent and told by a doctor that surgery was the only way. ---After one session of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, her thumb became totally normal. She said "This is miracle" (Bergen Record, Health Section on June 20, 2006). In the same year, she was getting very tired and had to stay in the bed often. A doctor diagnosed her condition as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and told her that there was no cure for it. She took Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy for 14 days and recovered fully. She is now playing tennis with more energy than ever before.


Mrs. M.S., 50 years old (New York)----- Rheumatoid Arthritis
   She had rheumatoid arthritis for several years. It took her almost 1 hour to get out of bed in the morning. After one session of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, she was able to get out of bed in 15 minutes, and 5 minutes after the second session.


Ms. M.H. 42 years old, and many others (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)----- Lower Back Problem
   Having sudden acute lower back problem made her immovable. After receiving one Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, she could walk, and after second therapy, she went back to resume her normal life.


Mr. S.K., 58 years old (New Jersey)----- Thyroid Cancer
   Sudden loss of weights (15lbs) and energy made him to assume having a serious illness. He was diagnosed as having thyroid cancer 6 years ago. After receiving the Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy for almost two weeks with Energy Patch, his weight stabilized and regained his energy back.


Mr. T.Y., 54 years old (New Jersey)----- Frozen Shoulder
   He had pain and could not raise his shoulder more than 90 degrees. After one Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, his range of motion increased to 160 degrees with much less pain.


Mr. O.I., 20 years old (New York)----- Asthma and Allergy
   A patient, who was diagnosed with asthma and skin allergy since the age of 12, always had his inhaler beside him. After one Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, his posture improved as well as his breathing capacity which enabled him to jog without pain. Eventually he stopped utilizing inhaler after jogging.


Mr. S.N., 10 years old (New Jersey)----- Sports Injury
   An enthusiastic baseball player who hurt his inner left thigh in a game. He visited many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, but nothing seemed to relieve pain. Within 15 minutes of Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy, the pain completely disappeared and gained back its full range of motion. He said with joy, "It's a miracle."