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Product Description Price
Kinesio Tape
Ki Energy infused Kinesio Tape

This tape is geared towards Athletes and is to be used to improve and prevent further injuries. This tape will increase blood circulation, nerve functions, and expedite the healing process. Furthermore, it will be good for muscle injuries, joint injuries, and other injuries caused during athletic activities.

Standard Size: Each tape is approximately 1.5" X 4 "

$33/6 tapes
Cooling Gel Sheet
Ki Energy infused Cooling Gel

The cooling gel sheet will help increase the patient's immune system and help reduce pain/problems. This sheet should be applied to the area that you are experiencing pain/problems before going to bed. Once the sheet is applied, the Ki(Qi)-Energy that is infused in the sheet will enhance blood circulation, nerve functions, and most of all, expedite the healing process. 
This sheet has been effective for the following symptoms : Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormone Disorder, Muscle/Joint Pain, and many others.

Standard Size: Each sheet is approximately 2" X 5"

$42/6 sheets

***Please do not use patches on open scar area or eys. If you experience itcheness or rash, remove the patch immediately. Consult with physicians for any abnormalities.

***Depend on your conditions and/or physical size, the size of the products that fit for you may vary. Consult with Master Shin before purchase.

Return Policy
Since Ki-Energy is carefully infused by Master Shin into each product, we do not accept any return unless it is clearly damaged for use.

Product Description Price
First Time Reservation Fee
In order to guarantee your therapy time, it is required to make non-refundable $50 deposit.

Please contact Master Shin via Phone or Email before sending money.
(201) 447-7040 /
Consulting Fee Consultation with Master Shin via Phone or Skype.

Please contact Master Shin via Phone or Email before sending money.
(201) 447-7040 /