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Master Shin's
Ki-Energy Therapy

~Best Energy Healer in New York / New Jersey~

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Welcome to Ki-Energy, the Best Energy Healer in NY / NJ! 

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If you have pain and not satisfied with your doctor, chiropractor, and/or physical therapist, try a safe yet very effective Ki-Energy Therapy


Master Shin is an energy healer,  who has a special ability to withdraw universal energy called “Ki(Chi, or Qi)”.  He applies Ki-Energy to the damaged area to heal. In the Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy session, you will remain fully clothed, and your session will involve a simple questionnaire, Shiatsu (finger pressure to locate the pain and problems), and applying the Ki(Chi)-Energy with a little to no contact with your body.


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Master Shin's YouTube Channel has been viewed about 2.2million times, and has more than 36,000 subscribers (as of 1/31, 2020). On his channel, Master Shin offers educational videos for healthier lifestyle, as well as Do-It-Yourself videos to improve your conditions such as Heart Diseases, Prostate Problems, Kidney Diseases, Breast Cancer, and so on.

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Ki(Chi)-Energy Healing Therapy is known to be effective on the following symptoms:

- Cancer   -Rheumatoid  Arthritis   - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Neuralgia  - Asthma  - Neck Pain  - Low Back Problems  -Sciatica

- Stiff Shoulder   -Joint and Muscle Problems  - Athletic Injuries

-Menstrual Pain, Cramp, and other menstrual trouble