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Pain and its cause


When we are hurt, we tend to believe that the location of our pain is where the problem is.  For example, when your knee hurts, it is natural to assume that the problem must be from the knee.  However, in many cases, the cause of the pain is often located somewhere else in the body.  This is called “referred pain”.

For example, it is true that if you hurt your knee through trauma, the most likely location of the pain and the problem will be at the knee. However, in cases when there is knee pain without trauma, most of the problem originates outside of the knee joint. It could be due to a hip muscle imbalance that can cause an increased tension on the knee plate (aka patella). Or it can be due to a misalignment on the spine that impinges on the nerve that associates with the structures of the knee (Fig 1-1). In this case, the knee pain is only a symptom, not the origin of the problem.

 Knee Pain due to Spinal Misalignment

Fig 1-1. Knee pain due to Spinal Misalignment

Therefore, taking care of a symptom may decrease your pain level or temporarily fix the problem, but it will later come back again because it’s only a band-aid fix. Hence, it is our goal as Ki(Chi) Energy Therapists to find the cause of the problem and heal it.

Obviously, finding the cause of the problem and curing it is the goal for most practices. However, what make Ki-Energy unique are our natural healing treatments. Majority of conventional medicine to treat chronic conditions or any type of musculoskeletal injuries include medication, injections, or surgery. We do not use any of that. By using our senses in the therapist’s fingers and patient’s ability to sense abnormality and pain, we narrow down where the problem is. For further information about how the therapy works, please refer to “Therapy Session” link.