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Why So Many Incurable Illnesses?


Many researches indicate that heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum impair immune system function and thereby cause chronic viral, bacterial& fungal illnesses, ---unless treated properly, these illnesses often leading us to having so called incurable illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. 

   Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, a leading authority of combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine and the founder of O-Ring Test, has been raising his voice for many years that the concentration of heavy metals is the major cause of complicated illnesses.  

   Once a heavy metal concentration reaches to a certain level and when our immune level becomes low, the virus related micro-organism flourishes.  They hide themselves behind these heavy metals in the body.  And, somehow these organisms are able to use these toxic metals to protect themselves from the medicine.  This is the reason why medicines do not work effectively in many illnesses.

   In addition, if you have heavy metals inside of your body and being exposed to the electro-magnetic wave from microwave oven, TV, computer, cell phone, etc, chances of developing complicated illness become much greater.  

   If you use these appliances short period of time, the damage can be minimal.  However, if you use a computer a lot, for an example, soon or later the damage of electro-magnetic wave to your body occurs. The damage somehow occurs not at the area where the concentration of heavy metals, but at your weak point such as liver if you are a long time heavy drinker, or lungs if you are a heavy smoker. Therefore, it is crucial to remove heavy metals out of your body. If you can remove them, a chance of regaining your health back becomes high.

Where these heavy metals come from?

  Mercury comes from some immunization shots, tooth filing called amalgam as well as many fishes. Lead comes from exhaust fumes.  Aluminum comes from beer and soda cans as well as some cooking pans.

How to get rid of heavy metals.

  A vegetable called cilantro can do that job.  However, a raw cilantro is not easy for many people to eat since it has strong order and contains some toxin in it.  It also contains Vitamin C which hinders the main function of cilantro, pushing heavy metals out of our body.   Therefore, instead of raw cilantro, we use the KI-Energy Infused (KEI) cilantro concentrated tablets from Japan. These tablets contains all the benefits of cilantro and easy to eat like snack. If you suspect that you have heavy metals, we strongly recommend you to take the KEI-cilantro tablets.  

  If you have already developed the incurable illnesses, we recommend you to take the KEI-cilantro and KEI-sheets together.  While getting rid of heavy metals by taking the KEI-cilantro, the KEI-sheets increase your immune system to fight against the illness. It is obviously the best to receive Master Shin’s Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy directly. However, if you live far away, you still can receive it through the distance healing and/or the indirect therapy method.

  In addition, if you are taking a medicine provided by a physician, Master Shin can help you to maximize the effect of the medicine by guiding it to where it should be worked.

Please contact us for an appointment, ordering KEI products, and/or detailed information.