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Master Shin's
Ki-Energy Therapy

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Master Shin's Ki(Qi) Energy Therapy


There are 3 types of therapy Sessions Available from Master Shin.

A)   Direct Therapy— Master Shin meets with you and provides the Ki(Chi)-Energy therapy directly on you. (The therapy is provided with full cloths on)

  After gathering necessary information and make an assessment of you, he uses Shiatsu (finger pressure) technique to locate the pain and the problem.   And both, Master Shin’s and your brains recognize the location and the degree of the problem, he, then, withdraws Ki(Chi)-Energy from universe and applies it to the problem area.

  In most cases, the pain will dissipate quickly.  However, depending on the depth and the complication of the problems such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others, it may take more time and potentially more sessions to get good results.

B)   Distance Therapy - If you live far away and can not meet Master Shin, this therapy method is for you.

Since the Ki(Chi)-Energy is capable of traveling any distance, Master Shin can provide the therapy no matter where you live.

C)   Indirect Therapy — If you live far away and can not come and see Master Shin but still interested in reducing pain/problem and/or increasing immune system, this therapy method is for you. Master Shin is able to store the Ki(Chi)-Energy into almost any objects such as tapes, patches, water, shirts, stones, foods, etc.

Either the Ki(Chi)-Energy stored Kinesio-tapes or cooling-gel-sheets can be used to reduce pain and heal problems.

These tapes are also used to increase your immune system.

1) If you are an athlete and have pain due to strained muscles and/or joints, we recommend you to use the Kinesio-tape since this tape is designed to be used for physical activities.

2) If you are not an athlete and do not have to get involved in physical activity, we recommend you to use the cooling-gel-sheets.    Putting these sheets at the problem area over night reduces pain and problem.

3) If you use them in proper manner, your can improve your immune system —– This therapy method is especially beneficial for a person who has Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other hormone disorder problems( Please ask us for detail).

4) If you are suspected to have mercury and/or other heavy metals in your body, we strongly recommend you to utilize an additional indirect therapy to push them out of your system.

For consultation, fee, and/or appointment please call us (201) 447-7040 or  email us at